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Who we are & what we do


The online revolution is here to stay and we’re on top of it.

The focus of our business is finding your business a voice on social media. Not only is it hard to find the time to update and be current with social media,  the conversations are always happening. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to keep up with every social platform while you’re busy running your own business. 
Well, that’s where we come in. 😉 By learning about your business, it’s personality, and what you’d like to accomplish, we develop and execute a plan that works for you! Complete from the ground up with a consultation, plan, strategy, and reporting, we will be able to build your businesses social media presence even if there was nothing there to begin with.

We’re your all-inclusive marketing solution, providing you with Social Media Management, Set-Up, Web Management, & everything that goes with it.  We will help you gain a confident voice online to attain leads, loyal fans, and raving reviews.

We’re also big believers in transparency. A business relationship shouldn’t have to be stuffy and cold in order to be successful. We’d rather you see our approach to marketing make you feel more at home rather than uncomfortable.

Have questions? Call us to find out how we can make your business awesome online. 780-930-5469

This is our bread & butter; so you and your business don’t have to worry.

Curated Content

Curating content is the name of the game for social media and website design. We create the content to post on your social media platforms daily. Simply put, we grasp everything about your social media marketing for your business and take it off of your plate.

Happy Clients

We’re believers in transparency. We believe that a business relationship shouldn’t have to be stuffy and cold in order to be successful. Our personalized and friendly approach to marketing will make you feel more at home rather than uncomfortable.

#1 Brand

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We specifically curate content to match your brand personality and voice. In order for online marketing to succeed, you need to stand out. And we make it happen by letting people see the real voice of your brand. 

We're here for you

Our first mission was to fix all of the online marketing problems in the world. Then we realized, that can’t happen. We focus directly on you and your business, having a point of contact available whenever you may have a question or concern.

We love what we do.

“We’re at the beginning of an online revolution, and the end is no where in sight. The only way to go from here is with the flow. All of your competitors are online, so you must keep up!”

Taylor Garstad
Director, Social Media & Brand Communications

Check out our skills.

With combined years in web design, graphic design, and social media marketing, we bring you the best of the best. With outside resources like app designers, web hosts, and event planners, we are truly all-inclusive for your brand.

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